13th African Games: Important Media Strategies Being Used To Create Brand Awareness For The Games

The Local Organising Committee (LOC) for the 13th African Games has presented its media plan to the African Union’s Technical Committee of the African Games (TCAG).

Director of the Media Communications sub-board, Dan Kwaku Yeboah, led the conversation on the media strategy. The central points of the presentation touched on important media strategies that are being used to create brand awareness for the Games.

13th African Games: An Exciting E-Sports Games Will Be Highlighted

The media plan illuminates how to make impressions and reach a more extensive crowd through social and traditional media. Portfolio heads for the LOC have been presenting their plans to the TCAG and the leadership of the LOC led by Dr. Kwaku Ofosu-Asare.

The document additionally characterized the target audience for the 13th African Games and the strategies deployed to reach them. A contingent from the African Union’s sub-committee is in Ghana’s capital, Accra, for a working session.

Ghana will welcome more than 13,000 guests to the country for the Games 2024 Games. The opening ceremony of the thirteenth African Games will be on Friday, March 8, 2024.

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