2021 Copa America: Neymar May Not Participate For These Reasons

Neymar Jr

Brazil will be hosting the 2021 Copa America soccer competition, with numerous football fans hoping to watch excellent games. As South America’s biggest global football competition, the world especially soccer scouts will all be watching for such countless reasons.

With under 12 days until the beginning of the competition, there are as of now, criticisms going round in Brazil concerning President Jair Bolsonaro affirming the hosting of the competition in the country, when he plainly knows their challenges with high Coronavirus cases.

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Brazil has suffered in excess of 465,000 Covid-19 deaths – the second highest loss of lives in the world. Numerous Brazilians believe, President Jair Bolsonaro’s has not handled the pandemic well.

Some state officials including Senator Renan Calheiros are in any event, saying the competition will clearly be a “Competition of Death“. In fact, they have advised the Brazil national team star Neymar Jr not to participate in the competition.

President Jair Bolsonaro and Senator Renan Calheiros in disagreement over the 2021 Copa America tournament

The are prompting the soccer whiz not to take the field in this particular Copa America competition, while his companions, family members, colleagues proceed to bite the dust, as the vaccination hasn’t yet reached Brazil.

As per Senator Renan Calheiros,

“This is not the championship we need to compete in. We have to compete in the vaccination championship. It is in this championship that you need to score goals, so that our score is changed.

“On this score [vaccination], we are in the last [few] places. In the ‘death championship,’ we are in second place, with the second highest number of deaths in the world,” he added. “The Brazilian team cannot agree with this. ICUs and cemeteries are full. Under what conditions are we going to celebrate a goal for Brazil?”

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The Copa America was booked to be co-hosted by Argentina and Colombia, before both were deprived of hosting rights.

The 2020 edition of the Copa America was delayed by a year due to the Covid pandemic and was set to be held in both Argentina and Colombia between June 13 and July 10, the first run through in competition history it was to be together hosted.

Colombia was deprived of its co-hosting obligations on May 20 following protests across the country that were sparked by a controversial fiscal reform introduced by President Iván Duque, before Argentina followed suit on May 31.

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