2022 World Cup Playoffs: Senegal And Nigeria Banned With..

The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) has given a pile of sanctions worldwide subsequent to investigating many cases from qualifying games for the impending World Cup in Qatar.

The football governing body has requested African champions Senegal and Nigeria to play one match behind close doors after crowd jumble during last month’s 2022 World Cup playoff games.

Ghana Qualifies To The World Cup: Beat Nigeria To Qualify

Senegal were fined 175,000 Swiss francs ($180,000) over several incidents, including a pitch invasion, an offensive banner and for failing “to ensure that law and order are maintained in the stadium”.

Nigeria was given a one-game stadium closure and fined 150,000 Swiss francs ($153,000) after fans invaded the pitch in Abuja following their playoff defeat by Ghana.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Lebanon got comparable punitions following aggravations at games against Morocco and Syria, respectively.

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