2023 New Vehicles: Snippets Of Information Released By Xpeng

As at now, Electric-Vehicle carmaker Xpeng has four vehicles on sale — the lead P7 car, a less expensive P5 car, the G3 sports utility vehicle and a bigger G9 SUV that will start being unveiled to customers in October 2022.

The Chinese carmaker is planning to launch two vehicles one year from now (2023) — a supposed B-class vehicle and the other a C-class vehicle. The classes allude to the size of the vehicle.

Xpeng President Brian Gu said the B-class vehicle will launch in the first half of next year and can be thought of as “major competitor for Tesla’s Model Y medium sized SUV.

Xpeng has teased insights concerning two new vehicles it intends to releases one year from now, with one made to be a contender to Tesla’s Model Y.

Xpeng has been forceful in launching vehicles as it hopes to acquire share in China’s fast growing electric vehicle market and challenge pioneers, for example, Tesla and Warren Buffett-supported BYD.

While the organization has not released names or many information about the two new models scheduled for 2023, Xpeng President Brian Gu, gave a few pieces of information.

According President Gu, the B-class vehicle whichbwill be launched in the first half of next year, is really going to target [an] significantly bigger market fragment than the P7.

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The C-class product will be released in the second half of 2023, Gu added.

“Given the premium and large format positioning, the number may be limited in terms of contribution,” Gu said of the C-class model. “But again, it’s still going to be targeting a brand-new segment that we did not cover before,” he added.

The B-class model will be “different” to the upcoming G9 in terms of size and price point, as per Xpeng.

Tesla’s Model Y is reliably one of the top-selling electric vehicles in China. Be that as it may, rivalry on the planet’s biggest electric vehicle market is on the ascent with Xpeng and rivals Nio and Li Auto trying to challenge the U.S. giant.

Details of Xpeng’s new cars came after the company reported a wider-than-expected loss in the second quarter of the year, and weak delivery guidance for the third quarter that sent its stock cratering.

Gu said with the launch of the G9 and its new cars next year, the company will enter a “growth cycle.”

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