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The Afro-American urban youth culture based on rap music, which is called Hip-hop originated in the predominantly African American economically depressed South Bronx section of New York City in the late 1970s. Since its introduction as a genre of music, a great many artists have hopped on it.

Interestingly, when Sugarhill Gang’s Rapper’s Delight came out 40 years ago, it was ignored by numerous tastemakers as a gimmicky track just to make money. Nonetheless, after a short time, the Hip-hop genre moved like fierce blaze, and in the long run topping at number 36 in 1980, and at number three on the UK Singles Chart.

Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ Is Clearly An Everlasting And Excellent Tune!

Hip-hop is now a popular culture all over the world. The genre’s predominance of radio waves, streaming numbers, and billboard charts is evident, and also impacts on everything from modern electronica to the DNA of standard popular music from artist like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Ariana Grande.

Hip-hop has become a really global marvel, crossing ethnic, phonetic, and geological limits. All things considered, a few pundits, artists, producers, and photographic artists from different countries have named their own top hip-hop tracks ever.

The results are dominated by the current age of hip-hop stars between the mid-80s and mid-90s, however there are a few surprises from a later vintage with Kanye West’s Pusha T-helped Runaway taking twelfth spot.

In spite of the fact that there was not such countless women in there, Queen Latifah’s 1993 hit “U.N.I.T.Y.” and Lauryn Hill’s especially appealing “Doo Wop (That Thing)” showed up in the list.

According to BBC News, these are the 25 Greatest Hip-hop Songs of All Time listed below. Notwithstanding, note that this list is according to the extensive review of more than 108 pundits, music experts and producers from 15 countries all over the world.

25.* Alright, Kendrick Lamar (2015)

25.* Rosa Parks, OutKast (1998)

  1. All Of The Lights, Kanye West ft. Rhianna, Kid Cudi (2010)
  2. Grindin’, Clipse (2002)
  3. Lose Yourself, Eminem (2002)
  4. Doo Wop (That Thing), Lauryn Hill (1998)
  5. International Players Anthem, UGK ft. OutKast (2007)
  6. U.N.I.T.Y., Queen Latifah (1993)
  7. Fuck Tha Police, NWA (1988)
  8. It Was A Good Day, Ice Cube (1992)
  9. B.O.B., OutKast (2000)
  10. They Reminisce Over You
    (T.R.O.Y.), Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth (1992)
  11. Rapper’s Delight, Sugarhill Gang (1979)
  12. Paid In Full, Eric B & Rakim (1987)
  13. Runaway, Kanye West ft. Pusha T (2010)
  14. Electric Relaxation, A Tribe Called Quest (1993)
  15. Dear Mama, Tupac Shakur (1995)
  16. N.Y. State Of Mind, Nas (1994)
  17. Passin’ Me By, The Pharcyde (1992)
  18. 93 ’Til Infinity, Souls of Mischief (1993)
  19. C.R.E.A.M., Wu-Tang Clan (1993)
  20. Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang, Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Doggy Dogg (1992)
  21. The Message, Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five (1982)
  22. Shook Ones (Part II), Mobb Deep (1995)
  23. Fight The Power, Public Enemy (1989)
  24. Juicy, Notorious B.I.G. (1994)

Credits: BBC News

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