60% Of Women Go For Abortion Out Of Unintended Pregnancies

The United Nations Population Fund has published its yearly State of World Population Report. And this year’s report was about accidental pregnancies, happening to women who really didn’t plan or mean to have additional children in their lives.

As per the research, which was done in light of 121 million women around the world, every year 60% of them go for fetus removals (abortions) and 5 to 13% leads to maternal deaths.

According to Dr. Jean-Pierre Makelele, Deputy Resident Representative UNPF in Senegal, If children are affected by this unintended pregnancies, economic growth is impeded, as in– their schooling is heavily affected, their contribution to socio-economic life is frustrated, thus this is a global concern.

The UNPF has therefore urged all authorities concerned to act to assist with halting this ‘danger’. The outfit has chosen to feature the issue of impromptu pregnancies, especially in West and Central Africa, in this year’s report.

The UN agency is calling on public authorities (governments) and all sectors of the African populace to make a global move.

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The UNPF say, they are putting forth all attempts to speed up the decrease of the relative multitude of mental, clinical, financial, social and instructive results of unplanned pregnancies.

The report stresses the link between the growth of women’s rights and spontaneous pregnancies and for activists.

To avoid this present circumstance, the UN underlines on the significance of contraception and says it dispersed huge number of forms of contraceptives in 2020.

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