A Beautiful Experience At Mangos Restaurant

Mangos, one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood, can be found in East Legon, across from the AH Hotel in Accra, opposite the Del Hospital.

The restaurant delivers to all parts of the country and serves delicious local and continental dishes. The majority of celebrities hang out at Mangos Restaurant, which is popular with many people, particularly those in the entertainment industry.

Do you know why? The establishment is owned by an actress who has also worked in the film industry for a long time. Luckie Lawson is a well-known Ghanaian actress who has appeared in numerous famous films over the years.

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As a result, Mangos has been dubbed the ‘Home of Stars‘. This does not mean that other people cannot socialize here. Mangos Restaurant is open to the public, so come try the best food and perhaps even meet some of the Ghanaian celebrities who hang out here.

Meanwhile, “Freaky Fridays” is an option if you really want to have a “date” with the owner herself. Freaky Fridays was started so that diners could meet the restaurant’s CEO, Luckie Lawson, and other famous people.

Mangos Restaurant is a must-visit for any nightlife enthusiast. Come experience the beautiful ambiance that comes with good foods and drinks.

The restaurant was nominated at the 2019 Ghana Arts and Culture Awards (GACA) for the Indigenous Caterer Of The Year.

Mangos is open from 10am to 8pm everyday.

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