A Beautiful Moment With Singer KiDi And Rev. Dr Abbeam Danso

KiDi and Rev. Dr Abbeam Danso

A lot of people have concluded that Kidi, one of Ghana’s talented artists is seemingly the best vocalist in current contemporary Hi-Life in Ghana.

As a matter of fact, Kidi demonstrated why the vast majority suggest him as the best as far as the present group of artists is concerned. Subsequent to moving on from MTN Hitmakerz Music Competition (one of the trustworthy music shows in Ghana), he never relaxed but has produced hit after after tracks to date.

Kidi sings well on live beats accordingly, therefore have always been included in all the big shows with shining performance. The “Thunder” hitmaker has been the people’s most loved for quite a while and has never let the fans down in any capacity as he generally conveys fantastically.

His vocal ability has gotten more people loving him the more. ‘Better For Worse, ‘Enjoyment’, ‘Thunder’, ‘Come Thru’, Adiepena, ‘Ewurama’, ‘Odo’, ‘Say You Love Me’ and a lot more hit tunes have been released by the ever smiling artist. And these hit tunes have been appreciated by music aficionados.

He has featured a large number of other artists both in Ghana, Africa and around the globe. However, Kidi many months back, did an ‘informal’ collaboration tune called ‘Let’s Worship’ with one of Ghana’s prestigious Pastors Rev. Dr. Abbeam Danso. This got people talking.

Rev. Abbeam Danso had invited Kidi and other Ghanaian creative artists for an exceptional meeting, where lots of Ghanaian showbiz personalities were present, and that was the point at which this happened. At Reverend’s residence, all musical instruments including backing vocalists were prepared to perform with Kidi on a Live beat.

And clearly, he demonstrated why he is a fine vocalists. During his harmonious performance with the Reverend, every single other visitor seated at that moment were profoundly moved by what their fellow music member was presenting. Suddenly, a couple of them were profoundly shocked that, they began sobbing with convulsive gasps.

During the Performance

Kidi’s conveyance and the collaborated effort with Rev. Abbeam Danso was just grand just as otherworldly. Both Rev. Danso, who is himself a performer and Kidi, sung assortments of tunes churned out by various artists in the Gospel brotherhood, and they were beautifully done.

Highlife Legend Oheneba Kissi Still Maintains His Status As One Of The Best

Kidi is an award winning artist with an extraordinary future as a number of Ghanaian music legends have commended his vocal capacities in addition to his writing abilities.

He has written heaps of melodies for many artists in Ghana and is also a music engineer.

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