A Bee Tour To The International Stingless Bee Centre!

Bees naturally sting, thus many people don’t want to get too close to them. However, you can take a stroll around the grounds of the International Stingless Bee Centre without being bothered by these “calm” bees.

The International Stingless Bee Centre (ISBC) is a place for ecotourism and environmental education as well as a sanctuary for stingless bees. Many people are unaware of stingless bees, particularly African species, and have not tried their honey, pollen, or propolis—delicious activities offered at the ISBC—or even heard of them.

In addition to being a location for beekeeping, the bee center also serves as a location for international research. As a result, numerous visitors from all over the world regularly come here to conduct research and other activities.

A flood of people come to Ghana to see rare species of stingless bees. When they arrive here, they realize the true depiction, despite their constant doubts.

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In point of fact, in addition to all other research, some individuals visit to taste the honey and purchase some for the honey back home as evidence. It’s fascinating how these ‘king of insects’ are harmless, making the ISBC a secure and welcoming location. Come see the tiniest bee you’ve ever seen and learn how the keepers make the bees candy.

How to Get There and Where:
10 minutes via the Cape Coast Road from Kakum National Park.

It takes two hours to drive from Accra, Ghana’s capital, by road.

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