‘A Country Called Ghana’ – Exciting Details About LilWin’s Forthcoming Project

Ghanaian actor and comedian Kwadwo Nkansah, prominently known as LilWin, is coming up with a film project named “A Country Called Ghana.”

The notable figure in the Ghanaian entertainment scene, has featured in many Kumawood films and TV programs. He is also a musician and a producer with such a great amount to flaunt in this space.

As indicated by LilWin, this project will be a series, not a film. Named “A Country Called Ghana”, it will be a two-season series.

“It would be a series but it would be just 2 seasons. Usually, series are long; it would be tough for me to do a long series, so it’s just 2 seasons,” he said.

The producer further added that, the project is designated towards Netflix, and so wants to get the numbers. Subsequently, he invited the Nigerian stars on board to assist him with accomplishing that.

“I intend to make a movie tailored for Netflix, and you know that if you want a movie to be taken up by Netflix, you need to prove you can get the numbers, so I got the Nigerian actors on board to help get those numbers and get them on Netflix,” he said.

The series is entirely funded by himself and expressed his intention to submit it to Netflix upon completion. His goal is to secure funding from Netflix for future endeavors, paving the way for more ambitious projects down the line.

“When I’m done with the project, I will apply for it to get on Netflix, and maybe with time, I will be given funding to embark on more projects,” he said.

According to Kwadwo Nkansah LilWin, the incorporation of diverse backgrounds and cultures enhances the artistic quality of any project, highlighting the importance of global collaboration in the realm of art.

“Even Hollywood movies feature actors from China and India, For any project that you want to work on, it is best that you get people from other countries to work with.

“Even with this, they are just 3 to 4 actors. If they were about ten, then, you could say there’s a problem. For every art project, it’s best to feature others to boost numbers,” he said.

‘A Country Called Ghana’ will be in English and Twi languages. He added that the storyline is about a group of foreigners who wind up in a Ghanaian village where just a single person communicates in English.

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The series includes a few extraordinary cast members including: Nigerian stars like Ramsey Nouah, Awilo Sharp, and Charles Awurua, as well as Ghanaian stars like Omar Krupp, Paa George, Afriyie Forson, and himself.

Accordding to LilWin, He would’ve loved to have some Ghanaian English-speaking actors on the project, but he didn’t have the funding for that.

source: oseiagyemang.com

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