A Deep Dive Into Sonus Festival: What You Need To Know

The crowd having all the fun

The tourism industry is one of the significant industries in the world, and Croatia is one of the countries that has tremendously profited from tourism. A visit to one of the disparaged festivals in Croatia, is sufficient evidence that in 2018 and 2019, the country had more than 20 million guests who made over $110 million medium-term stays in Croatia.

The Sonus festival began back in 2013 and has since then, grown each year. This is an extraordinary event with numerous people traveling to and from Croatia. The festival has the best techno specialists in the world at one spot for terrific musical parties.

The celebration of the Sinus festival is profoundly patronized not only by local residents, but travelers from all walks of life. As a unique event, it is highly valued by most European countries, who love the iterative style of music that is initially intended for use in a constant DJ set.

Consistently in August, the celebration happens on the banks of Zrće, on the delightful island of Pag in Croatia, in 0.04 km. This is a 5 days party at Zrće Beach in Novalja, Croatia. Novalja is a town in the north of the island of Pag in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. It is well known for its lovely and flawless sea shores.

Every successful event is heavily influenced by incredible coordinators, so the generator of this lovely gathering everlastingly leaves a great impression to the world. Coordinators or organizers of this Sonus festival have surely set up one of the most famous national and specialized festivals for Europeans which is labeled as one of the popular festivals in the world.

Right around 24 hours without a break, it is situated in Zrće Aquarius, Kalypso and Pepaya Waterfront Club and late evening setting. Your eyes will consistently be occupied, as they will be set on the pontoons with fascinate spreads in the shimmering Adriatic Sea. During this period, VIPs and even high-class big names in society gather here to enjoy themselves witj a beautiful moving electronic music.

The show comes with the best gigs and soothing music. Coordinators believe that real fans need an increasingly legitimate and handy approach to locate their preferred music occasions. To this end, there are first rate performances available constantly.

If you take a look at the atmosphere of the sheen festival, you can deduce that the event or better still gathering grasp liberal individuals from various countries, including Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Everybody coolly have a sample of the good times.

With resorts like Gajac and Novalja which are nearby, guests who are over the age of 18 can kill two winged animals with a stone by having a great time at these recreational centres. In excess of 70 DJs are consistently large and in charge for the 5 day event, and it sounds noisy when the coordinator shows an extraordinarily chosen underground gods form.


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As an Award-winning beach, encompassed by the best move clubs in the world, guests only need an amazing blend of coupons with daylight and sandy kisses. The Sonus festival coordinators always keep on introducing creatives for the famous event to be a standout.

The Sonus Festival is actively supported by foreign media. A few years ago, Sonus was named one of the 15 largest festivals in the world, thanks to the famous Beatport and Resident advisor websites. In 2018, Croatia recorded a breaking year for the tourism industry with 19.7 million tourist arrivals and 106 million overnight stays.

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