A Dig Into Pascal Amanfo’s Stunning Journey In Filmmaking

Pascal Amanfo

For film aficionados who have followed African movies for a long time, one name that comes to mind is Pascal Amanfo. The actor and producer has made huge loads of shrewd and significant motion pictures in Africa, and has won the hearts of film lovers through his inventive stories.

The Nigerian director has released wonderful films that featured top African stars like John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Eddie Nartey, Uche Jumbo, John Dumelo, Selassie Ibrahim, Frederick Leonard, Roselyn Ngissah, Shaffy Bello, songstress Stephanie Benson and numerous others.

The actor and filmmaker who is primarily based in Ghana, has since his beginning, been reliable in producing quality motion pictures. He has consequently been recognized for his persistent effort with distinction like City People Entertainment Award for Best Movie Director of the Year (Ghana), City People Movie Award for Movie Director of the Year (English) and some more.

“My Passion And Love For Filmmaking Is Unimaginable”- Yvonne Nelson

Pascal has been an embodiment of good motion pictures paying little heed to any situation. Notwithstanding, in 2019 the Ghana-based Nigerian producer, quit acting to dig into producing movies himself because of lack of roles given him in the film business.

Subsequently, he changed his concentration to writing scripts and even that, he battled at first till he at last discovered his feet. At a point, he saw that, every one of his mates in the business were doing so well, yet he was all the while following actors with his contents.

Yet, after persistency, and motivating stories, the actors began working with him. Pascal Amanfo is presently a pastor who does the work of God alongside his filmmaking business.

Pascal has produced films which includes: Fix Us, Single and Married, Sin City, House of Gold, Matters Arising, Celebrity Marriage, Single Six, 40 Looks Good On You and many more.

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