The New Journey Of Legendary Actress Akosua Abdallah

Akosua Abdallah

Thinking back to the 1990s, one of the TV series that got practically every Ghanaian stuck to their TV sets was ‘Inspector Bediako‘. This series was an exciting Ghanaian television series full of suspense, that depicted the character of a youthful smart criminologist who traps and catches criminal using different analytical techniques for which he succeed regardless of the circumstance.

The television series was so connecting that, it was adored by many people in Ghana and beyond including Stephanie Sullivan.

Stephanie Sanders Sullivan is an American diplomat and the current ambassador to Ghana. She served as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central African Affairs and Security Affairs for the Bureau of African Affairs from January 2017 to November 2018

Inspector Bediako‘ was the only locally produced law enforcement series on TV in Ghana watched by huge number of people. The series which was created by Kojo Yankah, featured top actors including the lead Oscar Provencal (Inspector Bediako), Gloria Nsia Ababio, Martin Owusu, Teiko and numerous other incredible actors.

Among these actors was Akosua Abdullah whose name was ‘Ayesha‘ in the series. Akosua Abdallah has since long stretches of yesteryear wanted to be on the screens, thus she tailed it and ‘arrested’ her passion.

Although, ‘Inspector Bediako’ was just a thirty (30) minutes TV program, it was so pressed and was continually exciting, kind courtesy the whole cast including Akosua Abdallah who assumed her role sublimely well.

She was just fabulous in her delivery and consistently had something at her disposal in a cooperative exertion with Inspector Bediako to bring to book lawbreakers in society. After this famous series, Akosua has proceeded onward with several other endeavors.

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Now a lecturer and an arts and culture personality, Akosua has followed her passion from those years to now. She is currently a Doctor and the Director CYCC Community Youth Cultural Center at National Theater of Ghana.

The legendary Ghanaian actress who is also a radio broadcaster, has lectured at numerous events both in Ghana and outside, to motivate the present age. Akosua Abdallah has experienced all positions in arts to be one of the extraordinary art and culture characters.

Arts is an aspect of our culture, and it is the outflow of our innovative thoughts and creative mind. Furthermore, as a result of Akosua’s passion for the industry, she has ‘invested’ in it.

Arts is a tremendous subdivision of culture, made out of numerous imaginative endeavors and disciplines. Arts encompasses visual arts, artistic expressions and the performing arts, and this is what Doctor Akosua Abdallah stands for.

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