The Beautiful City Of Akosombo – The Dam City

An aerial view of some parts of Akosombo

With 84 km distance from Accra, you’re good to show up at a modest community in the south of the Asuogyaman District, Eastern Region of Ghana called Akosombo.

Akosombo isn’t just a notable town in the serene West African country, but calm and delightful too. This Dam City is noted and notable around the world as where the 1965 Dam was built.

The Dam is as large as you can envision, and has pulled in heaps of travelers both in and outside Ghana to have a perspective on it.

Strolling through the roads of Akosombo is essentially invigorating as the cool wind continues to rustle your body.

Besides this, you will meet well disposed people in this town which is preoccupied by people of diverse ethnic background like the Akans, Ewe, Krobo and several other ethnic groups.

Akosombo is north of the Adomi Bridge at Atimpoku, which is a 3 to 5 min drive away. A visit to the Akosombo Dam which is otherwise called the Volta Dam is justified, since you have the chance to move around the 124m tall and 660m long Dam, with the construction keeping down the waters of Lake Volta – the biggest man-made lake in the world by surface region.

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Akosombo Dam, rock-fill dam on the Volta River, close to Akosombo, Ghana, was completed in 1965 as a feature of the Volta River Project.

Its development was mutually financed by the government of Ghana, the World Bank, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The Dam is extremely crucial to Ghanaians because of the power it generates to the whole country.

In January 1966, Ghana’s first president Kwame Nkrumah inaugurated the independent country’s most ambitious development project, the Akosombo Dam across the Volta River.

The dam created a hydroelectric force plant, which energized an aluminum smelter and gave power to metropolitan centres and adjoining countries.

Getting to Akosombo from Accra is 104 km. It takes roughly 1h 34m to drive from Accra to Akosombo Dam. It is near the famous Volta Hotel.

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