A Journey To The Magnetic Bia National Park, Ghana

I have been to Ankasa Park and some few other appealing parks in Ghana, but Bia National Park is seemingly one of the charming spots to go hang out. Somebody might ask- – So why is Bia National Park so unique?

As one of the parks which is part of the Bia conservancy Area, it is an assigned biosphere hold that covers almost 306sq km. The recreation at this national park is simply astonishing! The Bia National park is just 33% of the whole conservancy region which is 77.7 sq km.

The excess chunck of the land in the south is under the Bia resource reserve. The hold’s are arranged in the change between the wet evergreen and semi-deciduous tropical timberland and cover a large part of the waste for the Bia stream. Bia became a protected area in 1935 and an official national park in 1974.

At the Bia National Park, there are 62 types of warm blooded animals known to exist in the recreation area including 10 primate species. A portion of the creatures in the recreation area includes: colobus, bison, the woodland elephant, bongo, bushbuck, mangabey, chimpanzees, and others.

More than 160 types of birds including falcons, hawks, bulbuls, flycatchers, the dark busted lovebird and the compromised white-breasted guinea fowl live in this environment. The recreation area is the only one known as the home of Agama sylvanus, a newfound types of reptile.

The Location And How To Get Here:

The Bia National Park can be tracked down in the recently created Western North Region, west of Takoradi. Getting access to this recreation is by road from Kumasi through Bibiani and from Tarkwa-Sefwi to Wiawso street.

Although the national park can be visited all the time as the year progressed, the best time for game review is during the long dry season, which is– November to April. The blustery season May to June and September to October is related with tricky streets and chilly climate.

The Ambiance And Excitement At The Dodi World Is Just Beautiful!

Setting up camp is permitted in the recreation area in assigned camping areas despite the fact that, other accommodation decisions are accessible at Bia Guest House and Essem Debiso .

Guests are advised to come along with their comfortable walking boots, long sleeved dress, a cap and furthermore get a local escort in the event of private Ghana Safari experiences.

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