A Look At The Most Beautiful Vicinities In Accra-Ghana

Living in a decent accommodation combined with a serene and perhaps an expensive area is the fantasy of most people. But that relies on your financial statement.

In every country, there are bourgeoisies who live in such regions with a fabulous way of life that relates with the local area they live in.

Trassaco Estates, Villagio, East Legon, Paraku Estate, and Roman Ridge are a portion of the communities in Ghana, Accra to be precise that obliges the rich fellows because of its expensive lease charges, bills and so on.

These communities are popular areas in Ghana because of their slick environmental factors, peaceful climate and elegant way of life. Trassaco Estates, Villagio and East Legon lead the list among the ones referenced above because of the rich class of personalities that live here.


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Celebrities, sports icons, top corporate executives, media personalities and surprisingly rich individuals who can bear to purchase or lease these costly houses live here. Costs of these houses are pricey, and it takes just the bourgeoisies to own a house here.

In Trassaco Estates for example, the larger part of conspicuous individuals in the public eye live here. The community is clearly an agreeable spot to live.

Look at these:

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