A New Covid-19 Variant ‘Arrives’ In Ghana

Before this new covid variant, Ghana didn’t have their Coronavirus disease rates as high as other countries like the United States, South Africa and so forth.

After the country’s presidential election campaigns time frame in December, the numbers have to some degree gone up, with several people reprimanding government for the upsurge in numbers.

Residents were sticking to the upgraded cleanliness and veil wearing conventions, which prompted the circumstance seeing a progressive decrease in the number of active cases.

As at now, Ghana’s Coronavirus contamination cases are ascending, from somewhat more than (900) to 1,000, 900 and 24 (1,924).

Hence, Ghana’s COVID-19 treatment habitats have gone from having zero patients to now being full as a result of the upsurge in infection. The worrying situation is that, the Ghana Health Service is recording, overall, (200) new cases of COVID contaminations every day.

The number of patients requiring hospitalization and escalated care is rising. The number of extreme cases, which remained at eighteen (18) seven days back, has expanded pointedly to 100 and twenty (120). That said, the number of confirmed deaths has also increased, unfortunately from 338 people to 352 within this period.

Genomic sequencing undertaken by some scientists have established that some arriving passengers from other countries tested positive for new variants of COVID-19. Furthermore, work is ongoing to determine the presence and extent of spread of the new variants in the general population.

Itemized investigations of the cases demonstrate that, aside from arriving travelers at Ghana’s airport who tested positive, infected people have late chronicles of going to parties, weddings, end of year office programs, family social gatherings, and burial services.

At these social events, the greater part of them deserted the utilization of the masks, and were occupied with activities that prompted them getting the infection.

The Government of Ghana is stressed over the current circumstance. As indicated by them, if it proceeds, it will seriously subvert the efforts the leaders of the country are making to revive the economy, and set the country back onto the way of progress and flourishing, following the desolates of the pandemic.

Measures have additionally been set up to guarantee the conclusion of the entire clubs, bars, films and sea shores that might be working in insubordination of the law. They will be assisted by the other security agencies, if need be.

Regulatory agencies will undertake random checks to ensure conformity with COVID-19 rules. Should any facility or institution fail to comply with these directives, its activities will be immediately prohibited, and appropriate sanctions applied.

The government is doing everything it can to help stop the pandemic from spreading fast, so not to return to the times of fractional lockdowns, which negatively affected the economy and in transit of life. Be that as it may, this will obviously depend on the positive responses from the people.

Moreover, Government is reactivating accessible treatment and seclusion offices the nation over fully expecting any further expansion in infection cases. The provision of adequate medicines, equipment, and personal protective equipment to enable health workers attend to homebased patients is being effected.

Meanwhile, China has deployed a medical team, including frontline doctors to Ghana to help the West African country curb the spread of COVID-19. The team includes 11 doctors in various specialities who have been trained on COVID-19 prevention and treatment in China.

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