A Stunning Six-foot-tall Bronze Statue To Be Erected In Honor Of Tina Turner

Late singer Tina Turner is set to be honored with a statue where she was born. Local leaders of the city have approved t erect a bronze Tina statue, a year after the city mayor previously vowed to raise one.

As per Bill Rawls Jr.- – the mayor of Brownsville, Tennessee, the city has chosen to find the six-foot-tall bronze statue that will be raised in the city’s Heritage Park, which is found right close to the secondary school Turner attended.

We’re told the statue’s gonna cost around $150k with the city making the initial deposit before public/private funds cover the rest. The fundraising is starting ASAP, but I am not worried about puttin’ together the cash”, Rawls said.

The arrangement is to construct a tremendous new court for the recreation area, with Tina’s statue filling in as the focal point. The city is currently home to the Tina Turner Exhibition hall, a huge plaza dedicated to the “Queen of Rock & Roll” is entirely commendable.

‘Tina Turner Was Tired And Ready For Death’- Sills

Rawls says the city needs to honor Tina in the greatest manner it can, and thinks putting the statue right close to her old secondary school is the most effective way to keep her memory alive.

The statue – – which is set to be erected by sculptor Fred “Ajano” Ajanogha – – will be ready in fall 2025.

Tina died last year at 83, after facing a number of health problems. Many stars — including Lizzo, Patti LaBelle and John Fogerty paid tribute to the star after her death. Her hometown is replicating that

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