Actor Tyrese Gibson Has Now Been Ordered To Pay $650,000 In Child Support

When Tyrese Gibson refused to pay Samantha Lee Gibson $10,000 per month in child support in August 2022, he got into legal trouble with his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson.

According to TMZ, the actor was of the opinion that the sum was excessive and that Samantha “doesn’t need that much, because she makes good money on her own.” Additionally, Tyrese alleged that the judge was racist toward him, which is why the judge ordered him to pay such a large sum.

Tyrese Gibson showed up in Fulton Province court on Tuesday April 25 where the appointed authority appears to have decided for his ex.

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Tyrese Gibson, the Fast and the Furious actor, has now been ordered to pay child support and an attorney’s fee of approximately $650,000. In a custody battle hearing, the judge decided that Tyrese had to pay his ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson back $237,944 in child support and $399,000 to her attorney.

The actor might also have to shell out $17,000 for the special master, who acts like a judge-appointed arbitrator to settle minor arguments during the trial. Gibson must pay approximately $654,000 if the $17,000 is regarded as a separate fee.

However, Tanya Mitchell-Tyrese’s attorney told TMZ that they will file a motion for a new trial and appeal the decision. The lawyer additionally said that the actor doesn’t have to pay his ex until May 15, 2023, and she thinks that it very well may be additionally pushed back after they file the appeal.

During the hearing, the appointed judge also brought up that Gibson has been paying child support, however instead of $10,000 per month as court ordered he was paying about $2236 per month.

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