Actress Christiana Awuni Complains Of Segregation In The Vaccine Injections

Christiana Awuni

When the vaccination to help stop the spread of Coronavirus showed up in Ghana from India, numerous individuals were cheerful while others were suspicious regarding if they were viable to be taken.

There are still discussion encompassing the antibody, despite the fact that the first gentleman of the country, President Nana Akufo-Addo and other top dignitaries have taken it to connote and to persuade others to also join the jab. Numerous people are progressively building up confidence to go take their poke.

However, one of the country’s finest actress Christiana Awuni, has revealed a challenge she experienced going for her vaccine jab. She disregarded her superstar status and joined the long queue for her turn. She had covered up, so none considered her to be a superstar.

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She at last arrived at the spot for her injection. On appearance, the attendant revealed to her she doesn’t fit the bill to take the vaccine. Also, as indicated by the person, the vaccine jab is solely for people aged 60 or more.

As stunned as she might have been, Christiana Awuni ‘bombarded’ them with questions regarding why she can’t take it. As the to and fro was going on, a companion of the actress murmured into the ears of the immunization folks, unveiling the personality of Christiana Awuni.

Obviously, her spectacle and the long facemask camouflaged her. The master at that point took care of the entertainer decisively.

This has brought up questions concerning whether the vaccines are only for chosen people in the country, particularly when everybody meets all requirements to take one, regardless what your identity is. Christiana Awuni is extremely shocked at what she saw.

She was speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz.

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