Actress Halle Berry Is 55, And This Is The Beautiful Thing Van Hunt Did For Her

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has all the reasons to be happy, as one more year has been added to the Oscar winning actress’ age. It’s her birthday, and Berry is exceptionally appreciative for one more year of life.

Halle Berry celebrated her 55th birthday on Saturday August 14. She took the opportunity to say thanks to her sweetheart Van Hunt for making the day amazingly unique for her with a perfect live performance with his song titled “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes”.

Halle Berry thanked Van Hunt by posting on Instagram:

“After the year we’ve all had, my heart is full as I’m grateful to see this August 14th. In the midst of the storm, I’ve managed to create happiness, find more peace, and feel more free than ever! Finally, I’m exhaling!” she captioned the clip. “Thank you vanO for my b-day serenade”

Other than this, the actress was extremely glad as she passionately enjoyed the “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” in her car on Instagram.


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Berry received huge loads of birthday messages from renowned companions and fans all throughout the world.

Earlier, Berry reflected on her career and most recent movie, ‘BRUISED’, on Instagram.

Halle Berry working on set –‘Bruise’

Halle Berry has been dating Hunt since September 2020, and hasn’t been bashful about flaunting their love. Van Hunt is similarly happy meeting Berry, and has communicated his sentiments about how he unquestionably considers Berry his source of motivation.

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