Actress Laverne Cox Was Mistaken For Beyoncé And Now..

Laverne Cox

Serena Williams was the toast of fans at the US Open on August 29, with large numbers of people marching to the championship to support the tennis legend. Several famous people were available to offer their support to Serena Williams who is about to retire from tennis.

Among these celebs was actress Laverne Cox. Shockingly, her presence caught attention at the most well known tennis competition. Laverne Cox was confused with Beyonce through a tweet. A Twitter user spotted Cox with a clasp with the subtitle “#Beyonce at the #USOpen.”

Laverne Cox was then trending on Twitter. The event was held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City. Cox was seen in a black facial covering, low pig tail, and circle hoops.

Notwithstanding, Beyonce fans on Twitter immediately explained that the video included Emmy winner Laverne Cox. Normally, Cox was flattered by the mixup and expressed her gratitude by reposting the video.

The tweet said,

“Not me getting mistaken for @Beyonce at the #USOpen tonight then trending on Twitter as the internet cackles over the mistaken identity,” she added, “These tweets are funny as hell. Enjoy!!!”

Orange is the new black star Laverne Cox has previously stated on record that she is a huge Beyonce fan. In fact, Cox has even impersonated Beyoncé in a Lip Sync Battle performance.

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The Twitter user cleared up his confusion with another tweet stating,

“My bad.. I wasn’t trying to be funny I promise,” He added, “I got to excited to see #Beyoncé and though it was her my bad.. it’s @Lavernecox.” “Laverne Cox … was mistaken for Beyoncé all night which is a career highlight for literally anyone.”

The U.S. Open tennis matches have forever been an elegant undertaking. Yet, this year, significantly more stars are in participation to observe Serena Williams play her last competition before retirement.

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