Actress Lydia Forson Nominated For E! People’s Choice Awards

Lydia Forson

Actress Lydia Forson has been selected in Africa Social Star Category of the E! Peoples’ Choice Awards. This is probably the biggest accomplishment for the Award-winning actress, as she makes history as the first Ghanaian to be named for E! Peoples’ Choice Awards in the Category.

She is in the category with several other enormous stars in Africa which includes: Sho Madjozi, Zozi Tunzi, Wian, Dimma Umeh, Thuso Mbedu, Karl Kugelmann and Elsa Majimbo.

However, Lydia Forson stands to win this honor if she gets the gigantic support from voters by deciding in favor of her before the headliner on the 23rd October, 2020.

Should voters greatly vote in favor of her, she will make another history by being the first Ghanaian to have succeeded at the E! Peoples’ Choice Awards.

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The official voting window is from 1 October to 23 October, 2020. Voters can cast a ballot either on Twitter or on the site:

The Voting Process:

People can cast a ballot up to 25 times each day, for Lydia’s category. On 15 October, the votes will consider twofold, equalling up to a limit of 50 votes for every category.

That said, Electors ought to have a public account, at any rate for the duration of the voting, so votes can be counted.

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