Actress Matilda Asare On Films And Politics

Matilda Asare

Actress Matilda Asare has for quite a while ‘hit’ us with her acting ability particularly her comic side as an entertainer. Matilda has been in the film business for as far back as 15 years and tallying.

As peppy as she is, Matilda has for a long time, been in Kumawood movies ( films produced in local Twi language) in Ghana, and has featured in huge loads of motion pictures.

Tilly, as her friends call her, has played various roles in many movies, making her one of the adaptable entertainers in the Ghanaian local movies.

Matilda, who serves as a Producer, should have premiered her most recent film: ‘Heroes Of Africa’ a year ago, yet had to delay it due to the pandemic, coronavirus.

Matilda moved on from featuring in different films to doing her own productions when she noticed that most producers were somewhat hesitant in recruiting the services of actors like as herself.

But as indicated by the producers, the film business was getting a downturn when CD sales disappeared like a phantom and moved to digital.

In any case, Matilda is of the view that, they (producers and filmmakers) should have followed the trend immediately they saw the new furor, but they sat inactive hanging tight for CD sales to return.

She believes that kicked them out of business. The famous and the once vibrant Kumawood films have fairly gone down, thus has affected them profoundly.

Matilda Asare who has an aspiration of being a politician in the future, says until the contents on Ghana’s TV channels are adjusted – with the local contents being 70% as against 30% of foreign ones, the country’s’s film business will keep on crawling. And, she believes Piracy has additionally been a significant issue harming the business.

Matilda runs a foundation called Modern Slavery, and has her new series ‘Yantah’ running on TV. ‘Yantah’ is a local production with the story mainly highlighting the Ghanaian culture and traditions.

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