Actress Pascaline Edwards’ New Career Seems To Be Doing Well

Pascaline Edwards

Harking back to the 90’s, there were many on-screen characters and entertainers who were gracing our TV screens with their glimmering acting aptitudes in films. At the time, one of them was Pascaline Edwards who was extremely passionate about what she does. She was bubbly, driven and motivating when she hears the word: ‘Action’.

Pascaline Edwards is without a doubt one of the finest Ghanaian actress with several film merits including one of the perceived distinctions– Best Female Actress in 2002. The diva as she is called in the Ghanaian film industry has been remarkable since the very first moment of her acting profession.

Because of her enthusiasm, she has done parcels of movies checking near hundred and fifty for a range of around eleven years. Pascaline, has everything an entertainer ought to have – including her physical looks, moxy and above all her prowess in acting, thusly she was invited by Nollywood Films in Nigeria to feature in many other films.

For that reason, Pascaline is well known in Nigeria. The 51 year old is fondly remembered in films like ‘A Stab In The Dark’, ‘Forbidden Fruit’, ‘Deranged’ and others. In light of her performance in these motion pictures, Pascaline Edwards was nominated in the City People Movie Award for Best Supporting Actress at the time.

Presently, the movie industry in Ghana has somewhat back down a bit. The hard truth is that, it isn’t as dynamic as it used to be. In this way, the movie players have occupied themselves with other related gainful projects, like TV presentation, TV commercials, ambassadorial jobs, music, YouTube short skits and some more. Pascaline Edwards who somehow quit acting well before the film industry dwindled, immediately discovered a new passion as a fashion designer.

Pascaline now sews delightful outfits for many people including a portion of his colleagues who are still in the film business. As enthusiastic as she is, Pascaline Edwards has occupied same demeanor to the design vocation which is doing quite well. Pascaline just loves what she does particularly her recently discovered fashion career in spite of the fact that she has other operational businesses.

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