Ada Foah Is One Of Ghana’s Stunning Tourism Spots!

Overview of Ada Foah, Ghana

Ghana’s tourism sector is still on course as loads of visitors around the globe are as yet visiting the country for various reasons including a visit to the finest tourism places. One of these spots is Ada Foah. Nobody comes here and leaves without all the beautiful memories.

Situated in the capital of Ghana, Accra, you have a great deal to see and do since Ada Foah is pressed with the best tourism centre with loads of activities here. On appearance here, you are at freedom to have fun to the fullest with the help of the tour managers, who are well trained to assist you have all the fun.

At Ada Foah, the common warmth streams effectively from town to town and in the city, and you find a workable pace visitors having a fabulous time as they walk around with such a great amount of bliss in their eyes. Ada is basically the main town that can’t be discarded from the guide of Ghana, as it’s tucked between the Volta Lake and the Gulf of Guinea (Atlantic Ocean) with the estuary (Azizanya) being a hotspot for recreation lovers.

Visitors are allowed to visit the environmentally moderated locales, for example, mangrove woods, crocodile islands and transient winged animals destinations. That is not all, you’re also going to appreciate the view of spot marine turtles, rearing focuses and see the interesting guide of ocean turtle relocations in Ghana.

What about cruising around 1000 Island communities on the Volta lake? Yes! I was personally walking around the spot and chanced upon a gathering of people from a far distance. Quickly, I rushed there to have a look at what was happening. After all, my purpose here was to see everything for myself. On arriving, I saw they were all observing how the lake and the ocean were communicating with one another with the biggest estuary in Ghana also close by.

It was a delightful scene and you will clearly be flabbergasted at what nature can do. Besides this, you can also appreciate different waterspouts from speed pontoons to cruising, paddling to kayaking or surfing for the valiant hearts.

The long and radiant sea shores here are perfect to the point that, you wouldn’t discover any questions to pose. Circumstantially, there is a wonderful town on the huge Island directly opposite Ada Foah called Aflive. And this is where a local gin called Akpeteshie is refined.

After all these exploration, you will undoubtedly eat something to replace the exhausted body, and fortunately, the town’s market isn’t a long way from the destination. The market which is extremely occupied on Wednesdays and Saturdays has for all intents and purposes, all that you need during your visit at Ada Foah.

Obviously, you should expect to see more shellfishes at the market. Crisp mollusks, shrimp, crabs and a few assortments of fish just for reasonable costs are available.

Through Unique Strategies, Ghana Is Enhancing Its Tourism..

The freshest vegetables and all other food stuffs are in bounty especially on the market days (Wednesdays and Saturdays). Ada Foah is an ideal spot for everyone, particularly the family as you will unwind and appreciate the dusk at the Tsarley Korpey Resort.

Per what the tour manager told me, first week of August is a fitting time to visit since during that time it coincides with a mainstream festival, Asafotufiam.

Coming here is definitely not a big deal since it is about an hour and half drive from the capital Accra.

For accommodation, the town has lots of lodgings from extravagance riverfront offices, for example, Aqua Safari Resort, Tsarley korpey Resort and others to suit your financial limit.

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