Adele And Boyfriend Rich Paul’s Love Intact!

Adele || Photo credit: Getty Images

The love between Singer Adele and sweetheart Rich Paul is as yet flawless, as Adele posted beautiful set of pictures on Instagram on Wednesday May 11, showing the pair standing before a beautiful white house, with Rich Paul gripping a key.

The ‘Easy On Me’ singer titled the posted picture, which included different photos from the couple’s time together when they initially began dating.

Other photographs in the series show the pair having innumerable nice time together. One was when Rich came to help the singer as she worked at McDonald’s and when they went to a softball game together, with all smiles in their seats.

One more shot showed Rich kissing her behind the stage at an occasion, while the last picture showed Adele grasping what seemed to be a fortune treat message that read,

“You have found good company — enjoy.”

Notwithstanding, The pair have been tormented by split speculations after Paul was seen in Miami with his client LeBron James on Adele’s 34th birthday celebration.

As per sources, the couple, who ate together in Napa Valley on Sunday, were still attached in spite of going through her important day separated.

Now, Adele and Rich Paul are still seeing one another, source say. She is chipping away at her residency and Rich is occupied with his clients. They see each other as and when the need be.

In the interim, Paul and his sweetheart Adele, who were at first seen together in July 2021, were most recently seen clasping hands at courtside at the NBA All-Star Game in February.

Recently, in a post commemorating her 34th birthday on May 5, the Grammy winner said she’s “never been happier.”

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There were reports that Adele was giving her best to save her relationship since it was practically ‘dead’. But they were all deceptions, and now they are back!

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