Adele’s Next Album To Be Accompanied With A Tour?

Adele has affirmed that she’ll go on tour for her next album. The ‘Hello’ singer who started ‘her residency’ at The Colosseum at Caesars Castle in Las Vegas in November 2022 revealed during her Saturday, January 27, show that she doesn’t think she’ll “write an album for a long while.

The singer’s Las Vegas residency is set to come to an end in June this year.

The last album by Adele, “30,” was released in November 2021. A year after that, she set up ‘her residency’ in Las Vegas at The Colosseum at Caesars Castle.

‘Her residency show’, which saw ritzy participants like Shania Twain and Lady Gaga, is approaching its end in June 2024.

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However, before Adele could wrap up her most recent music project which traversed over a year, she declared that her next album would be joined by a world tour.

Adele, 35, can be heard saying, “I just don’t think I’m gonna write an album for quite some time. But next time I do, I’ll come to wherever it is you live.”

During one of her shows in December 2023, Adele said that while she enjoys making music, she finds that performing Live makes her nervous and dreadful.

“I love making music. But there is something about performing live that actually terrifies me and fills me with dread. That is why I am not a big touring artist,” she said while adding, “I did it last time to prove I could do it.”

That being said, in a sincere Instagram post in October 2023, the singer unveiled that she has fallen back in love with performing live, because of her residency shows.

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