Adidas Basketball Unveils Its Latest 2023 Collection

On December 9, 2022, the following collections were unveiled: The first of the brand’s premium offerings, Chapter 01 exemplifies the art of reduction through bold simplicity and international design and is firmly rooted in the “Remember the Why” ethos.

The clothing collection celebrates the Three Stripes’ progressive soul and strips away the overabundance with a reviving new range for the game.

The Collection for 2023: For the modern athlete, Chapter 1 features a variety of premium sweatshirts, track pants, sleeveless shirts, shorts, and other sportswear in a muted color scheme.

The collection was meticulously crafted with simple form and function in mind and offers style versatility both on and off the court.

The 2023 Collection was first shown in the most recent adidas Basketball movie, Chapter 01, which came out worldwide on November 21. “Remember the Why” marked the beginning of a new era of originality both on and off the court.

Produced by Johannes Leonardo’s creative agency and brought to life by ILLIMITÉWORLD’s avant-garde perspective, Chapter 1: The song “Remember the Why” is a call to focus on the game itself and is rooted in basketball culture.

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The film follows an unknown hooper through all of the distractions of success until he finds ultimate serenity on a deserted court with only him, the ball, and a hoop, as Alton Ellis’ “You’ve Made Me So Very Happy” plays.

Eric Wise, adidas Basketball’s Global General Manager, asserts,

“You never forget the first time you pick up a basketball,” says Eric Wise, adidas Basketball’s Global General Manager. “That day connected me to the game forever. At adidas Basketball, we believe that possibilities are endless when you know your why. We hope that this new era of adidas Basketball will remind everyone that the most important part of doing anything is why you started in the first place.”

The Collection for 2023: Chapter 01 is available for purchase on the Confirmed App and at retailing from $35.00-$90.00 USD.

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