Adidas Is Hiring New Staff: More Women To Be In Leadership Positions

Adidas has goals of recruiting huge number of new workers this year. With 307 locations in 47 nations, the organization will employ in excess of 2,800 new staff for 2022. Further positions are to be publicized over the year. This will include refilling opportunities and furthermore building up jobs. More than 800 of the recently added team members will be in Germany.

Most of the new workers, who are in excess of 900 individuals, will be spread to the adidas retail locations. As Europe’s biggest sporting goods manufacturer, the organization will fill in excess of 500 positions in the space of digital, IT and data and analytics.

Adidas is also proceeding to employ in the area of sustainability, having already doubled the number of jobs in this area last year. In addition, adidas is awarding more than 50 positions for apprenticeships or dual studies in Germany starting this fall.

In total, adidas employs around 62,000 people, of which about 7,700 are in Germany. Around 5,300 employees work at the organization central command in Herzogenaurach.

As per Adidas Executive Board Member, answerable for Human Resources, People and Culture, Amanda Rajkumar, they have a standard set themselves.

She said,

“We want to set standards as an employer. adidas is an employer like no other, and we go above and beyond every day to create an attractive working environment for our employees. adidas is fantastic, and I can only encourage those interested to apply.”

Adidas are ranked among the most well known employers around the world. Out of 750 organizations remembered for Forbes magazine’s list of best employers in October 2021, adidas was among the best 20.

In Germany, adidas even came next in a new overview by the magazine “stern” and the market research institute Statista in the search for Germany’s 650 best employers. adidas receives more than one million applications each year via its career portal.

Even if such a working day is of course an exception, sport plays a special role for many people of the approximately 62,000 employees worldwide of the sporting goods manufacturer with the 3-Stripes.

And that is evident on the company’s sites. The company headquarters in Herzogenaurach, Germany, with its approximately 5,300 employees, is called “World of Sports.”

The broad grounds is home to various games offices, for example, an exercise center, a soccer pitch, ocean side volleyball courts, a tennis court, a ball court, a padel tennis court, and a bouldering and climbing office, which can be used independently or or as part of numerous courses and events. There are also a variety of opportunities to play sports at the company’s other sites, with flexible working time models facilitating their use.

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But the special culture at adidas is not only characterized by sports. There is also the less formal way of dealing with people. People are on first-name terms, even across hierarchical levels, and the style of dress is casual to sporty. The average age of the employees is 32.

Some staff working at the office

Meanwhile, employees from more than 100 countries work at the company headquarters in Herzogenaurach, less than 60 percent here come from Germany. Overall, around 90 percent of adidas employees do not have a German passport. The company language is English.

Diverse teams enrich the work environment and achieve better results. Based on this conviction, the company is working specifically to increase diversity.

One important aspect is increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions. The goal is to have women in leadership positions at adidas exceed 40% by 2025. By the end of 2020, the company was already at 35 percent.

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