Adjetey Anang’s Reaction To The $4 Million Net Worth (Watch)

Adjetey Anang

Actor Adjetey Anang’s discussion with Sika Osei on the ‘Stripped’ Show got fascinating when he was asked about his net worth. He appears to be one of the wealthiest Ghanaian actors; thanks to the publication of his estimated $4 million net worth by search engine Google.

However, the award-winning actor claimed that “that’s what Google think” when he denied the publication on Google. He stated that there is no evidence to support that, but he is very content with his life. The gentle actor who has received a lot of praise claims that he is also involved in a number of other businesses.

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When questioned about his position as a lecturer at the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) in Ghana, he stated that he views working at the institute as a form of social responsibility and that he is doing so to assist upcoming actors. Indeed, even to date, he actually teaches at NAFTI, and ain’t stopping soon.

Adjetey went on to say that money is good, but his net worth of more than $4 million could even be higher or lower. In addition, host Sika Osei stated that, based on his responses to the $4 million worth, it indicates that he may even be worth more than that. But the extraordinary actor laughed it off.

After being cast in one of the American films that are expected to be released soon, Adjetey Anang recently returned from Hollywood. The fine actor began performing in plays in theater in 1994. In 1999, he appeared in his first television series, “Things We Do For Love,” which was one of the most popular youth programs on television at the time.

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