African American Community In America Cry Out – ‘We Are Devalued’

It’s days to the ‘big’ elections on Tuesday 3 November, 2020 in the U.S, with Presidential candidates including: Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Howie Hawkins, and Jo Jorgensen aspiring to be chosen to run the affairs of the country.

Notwithstanding, people are gearing up to go vote on the scheduled date, as the Black Americans are fired up and flocking to the polls. In the interim, voting went on in Georgia and other states and voters went to cast their ballot in their numbers, with a few of them conceding that this is the most pivotal elections of their lifetime.

A portion of the African American community are of the view that, this election is a higher priority than the 2008 one which went for Barack Obama. In 2008, it was for change and history making.

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However, some induce that, this year’s political decision is for saving the US, from racial justice and suppression of Black electors. A large portion of these Blacks have pledged that, they will crowd in their numbers to the polling stations in November to cast their ballot to stop the racial gap that is going on in America.

They say they need somebody who will be a leader for everybody, not simply their base. The country over, Black citizens will be turning out in immense numbers as they stroll to the polls. The Black people community feel debased by what has recently been happening in the United States.

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