African Games 2023: How Organizers Overturned Skepticism To A Successful Event!

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There was a lot of doubt about the success of the African Games in Ghana when it got underway on March 8, 2023. In fact, it began on a sluggish mode, with many players showing little interest in the Games. There were also some complaints about the lack of media publicity prior to the games.

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) were feeling the squeeze for a few hiccups prior to the games. Ghanaian journalists and a few people went hard at them for poor publicity. Some participating nations almost quit the games due to reasons most popular to them.

However, the Government of Ghana, the LOC, the Sports Ministry, and other partners were able to maintain their core mandate and successfully welcome all African nations to participate in this unique and beautiful event held in the country. Interestingly, as the days passed, the people’s enthusiasm and energy was exceptional for the Games.

With a top notch sports facilities built by the Government, purposely for the Games, the desire was to have a successful occasion. Very much like some other huge events like the 2023 African Games, you can’t expect to have a 100 percent organization. Minor setbacks were bound to occur, but they were swiftly resolved and the Games carried on.

The Opening ceremony was ostensibly one of the lovely occasions to have happened in Africa. One of the country’s top Dancehall artist Shatta Wale plus other invited performers on the continent gave an incredible show, drawing in discussions.

In addition to the music performances, the entire showcase featured Ghana’s beautiful culture, including its arts, traditions, and way of life, among other things at the University of Ghana sports stadium. Various individuals all over the world extolled Ghana for such an eye-popping Opening ceremony.

The Games:

The event built up speed and got more exciting, as people started crowding to have fun at the stadia, particularly at the University of Ghana Sports Stadium. The over 49 nations who partook started winning medals, while Ghana was sneaking behind.

As the Games went by, the host also set up a stunning performance and also started winning medals (gold, silver and bronze). Egypt won the most medals with 187, followed by Nigeria with 121, South Africa with 106, Algeria with 114, Tunisia with 86, and Ghana with 68. The remaining nations followed up on the medal table.

The host nation, Ghana, initially struggled during the competition, but eventually found their feet and moved up the medal table to sixth place. As the number of people attending the various event centers gradually increased, almost all of the venues were filled.

During the closing ceremony which had the air loaded up with excitement in an electric air, Stonebwoy, one of Ghana’s best Reggae Dancehall acts, pulled up a thrilling performance. Wiyaala, a Ghanaian singer, also displayed greatness with her one-of-a-kind performance, which wowed the audience.

Special guests of honor including H.E ambassador Cessouma Minata Samate, the African Union’s Commissioner for Health, Humanitarian Affairs, and Social Development, Chairperson of the African Union (AU) H.E Moussa Faki Mahamat, and numerous others were at the closing ceremony, as the tireless host Anita Erskine showed her uniqueness as one of the world’s best MCs.

During his speech at the closing ceremony, Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo extended his heartfelt congratulations to the athletes who participated in the recently concluded 13th All African Games, hailing them for showcasing the very best of Ghana to the world.

He thanked the athletes for their outstanding performances, dedication, and unwavering dedication to excellence in a statement that he released on Saturday, March 23, following the conclusion of the tournament.

“To each and every member of the Ghanaian team, I commend you for your dedication, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

“Your excellent achievements have not only brought glory to our nation but have also inspired a new generation of sportspersons across our beloved country. You have showcased the best of Ghana to the world,” the President stated.

He accentuated that their accomplishments had brought glory to the country as well as filled in as a motivation to the whole country.

The President also expressed his gratitude to the coaches, officials, and support staff who played integral roles in preparing and guiding the athletes throughout their journey.

He acknowledged their unwavering efforts, which had contributed significantly to the historic victory at the games.

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In addition, President Akufo-Addo expressed his gratitude to Ghanaians for their unwavering support and faith in the country’s capacity to host such an important event.

During the closing ceremony of the games, Cessouma Minata Samate, the African Union’s Commissioner for Health, Humanitarian Affairs, and Social Development, lauded Ghana for its exceptional efforts in hosting the games.

In her commendation, she emphasised that the high standards set by Ghana would serve as a benchmark for organizing similar tournaments in the years to come.

Sports Minister Mustapha Ussif also extended his congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the games, with special recognition for the Ghanaian contingent.

He praised the athletes for their outstanding performances, which elevated the flag of Ghana on the international stage. Minister Ussif also commended the Local Organisation Committee (LOC) for their dedication and hard work in ensuring the smooth organization of the tournament.

The 13th All African Games, which ran for three weeks, showcased the talent and prowess of athletes from across the continent, with Ghana emerging as the host nation.

The competition did not only give a stage to competitors to contend at the most significant level, but also featured Ghana’s capacity to have major international games.

Journalists representing their countries have expressed their satisfaction with the overall success of the competition, describing it as one of the most well-organized competitions with few glitches. Ghana has been praised by Sports Ministers across the continent, sports writers, pundits, and fans all over the world for hosting such a great spectacle.

On Saturday, March 23, 2024, at the University of Ghana Sports Stadium, the Games officially ended.🇬🇭🇬🇭


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