African Games: Event Facilities And New Equipment Need To Be Tested

President of Ghana Athletics, Bawah Fuseini, has recommended the basic requirement for exhaustive testing of event facilities and equipment ahead of the impending African Games. He claims that this will emphasize how crucial it is to prepare for the prestigious competition.

Meanwhile, the athletics governing body has tentatively scheduled February 24 – 28, 2024, for the National Invitational Students Athletics Championship (NISAC) at the University of Ghana, the centre for the field and track events.

Concerns have emerged with respect to the conceivable delay of the NISAC event, but Mr Bawah stresses that its prosperity is principal in deciding the general status for the African Games.

“It is so crucial to the successful organisation of the African Games, especially the track events. We are using this school programme to test-run the facilities including the grandprix elite electronic timing system the government bought for the games,” he explained.

The African Games will begin on March 8, 2024. With the NISAC event finishing up on February 28, the LOC and project workers would have barely seven days to fix areas that should be tended to when they are seen during the field and track trial.

“We have no option and we have no other better time to test them before the game to ascertain our readiness than on 24 to 28th of this month because the Games start in March.

“If we decide to postpone or shift it to a later date other than this month, it will have a serious adverse effect on the event because we will not have time to test-run the facilities and we will not have the time to test-run the electronic timer,” he noted.

Ghana Athletics has prepared around 100 technical and officiating members for the Games, and taken them through practicals at the Open Championship held in Cape Coast.

African Games: All You Need To Know About The Impending Sports Festival

The officials, however, must go through not less than three practical sessions to be certified to officiate international competitions.

“The school championships are not just about the competitions, but also our officials. It has a multiplicity of impacts that cannot be overlooked.

“Our officials for the Games will also be tested for us to know their level for the competition so it is imperative or extremely important that this competition comes next week.

“The LOC cannot bring hundreds of technical officiating officials from other countries to come and officiate. It’s not possible and it’s also not right that we buy new equipment without testing them and use them for such a big competition.

“It is a must to test the new equipment and the facilities,” Bawah stated.


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