After A Long Absence, Moses OK Returns With A Powerful Song

Moses OK || Photo credit: Hitz FM

In 2003, Moses OK was one of the emerging gospel musicians who flooded our radios with high-quality songs that made music fans feel hopeful. At the time, Moses OK’s songs were some of the few that made the news and were popular in Ghana with almost everyone singing to them.

In point of fact, every household adored most of his songs, which included: Me da W’ase, Nti Me Mepaa Meni, Osoro Taa Wakyi, Kakra Kakra and many other hit tunes.

Moses OK has been absent from the music scene for a number of months now, which he describes as a time to reflect on how to come back. Despite the fact that he was silently performing at events, he claimed that he received numerous calls from people asking him to return.

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His fans had missed him, but according to Moses OK, he was waiting for the Lord to inspire him to release a new song to please both his fans and the Supreme Being himself.

Despite the fact that Moses OK is arguably one of the best gospel musicians in Ghana, he abruptly left the scene, prompting numerous questions. The good news is that Moses is back with a spirited and an amazing song that will undoubtedly bring back memories of his early days.

The new song, “Ene Me Nko” (Go with me), has beautiful lyrics that will encourage many believers who are having issues in their marriages, at their workplaces, and other relationships. In an interview on Hitz FM, on March 10, Moses OK said, that the song is meant to remind everyone on the planet to always go with God in everything they do.

If you are just getting married, you should follow God into the marriage, and if you work in an institution, you should do well to allow God in. As a matter of fact, anyplace you track down yourself, go with God first, and that will prompt your peace of mind in this world. He stated that most patients go to the hospital with the expectation that they will survive, but they do not.

However, you will live a long and healthy life if you go there with God. In point of fact, there are so many things going on around us that no one can do without God. The song “Ene Me Nko” is a well-written song, full of encouragement.

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