Has Anything Changed In Africa After The Colonialism Era?

Africa was colonized for so many years

Colonial rule was everywhere throughout the world many years ago, and in Africa, it was extremely regular as most African nations were entangled in this ‘web’. Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa and many others were governed by their colonial masters.

As indicated by some school of thoughts, this colonial rule helped in molding the continent in different ways while others additionally trust it never did but instead, stifled the opportunity of Africa.

Today, numerous Africans have lamented experiencing such circumstance of that rule and wish that will never return again. Nonetheless, a number of them also has the assessment that, the decision would’ve helped Africa progress economically than it is today.

Then again, natives of a portion of these countries are really distraught with the manner in which their leaders are dealing with the undertakings of their economy. Perhaps, they somewhat miss the white man’s style of administration during the period of imperialism.

Subsequently, other African nations are also doing very well regarding economic stability and financial progression, therefore have never at any point thought of the rebound of these pilgrim experts.

As indicated by certain sources, the greater part of the African leadership are said to be controlled by these equivalent provincial rulers even to date. There are a lot of fear inspired notions about who or what is covertly controlling such African countries.

The fact is, until the African leadership put in broad and powerhouse measures with no influence, the continent will coordinate well in development of their respective countries.

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The leaders should realize inward amicability, and tap into both local and external resources to grow the continent. Of course, there are splendid and dedicated leaders in some African countries but in authenticity, some are breaking ‘spans’ with no promise to their people. Their administration is just as though they are driving themselves but not for the citizens.

Colonialism is without a doubt, not returning again but it is unpretentiously and disguisedly working in secret. It is up to the administration of every single African country to work things out to fulfill the promises to their denizens and furthermore, demonstrate a nice picture to the rest of the world.

If the leaders structure better living conditions and good living conditions through better administration, the people of Africa will clearly quit making trips to other continents or places that are more favorable or beneficial to them.

“If you do good, you do for yourself”. This expression is a general articulation but may likely be for the leaders of Africa. The fulfillment of every citizen, ought to be the ultimate priority of the leadership of Africa.

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