Aklerh Is Speeding Like Lightning With Two New Singles

After ‘Only You’, ‘Labadi Girl’ and a couple of other single releases beforehand, Aklerh couldn’t stand by that long, but decided to churn out two delightful reggae tunes ‘Money’ and ‘Run D Town’.

The tunes, which were composed by Aklerh herself, particularly ‘Money’ talks about the fact that, money is vital in our lives. ‘Money’ was produced by Caskeys Onit, whilst ‘Run D Town’ was also produced by Cashtwo Beatz.

Everything about the two new tunes ‘Money’ and ‘Run D Town’ are handled by Aklerh’s management– Revolution Records; a label that has held her up from the very first moment up until this time.

As indicated by the ‘ravenous’ reggae artiste, she is a spiritual individual, therefore there is an otherworldly attachment to move this new single everywhere.

Aklerh added in a recent interview that, she wrote these tunes with such a lot of enthusiasm, and that she is nearly striving to advance them to get to where they should be all over the world.

As a matter of fact, Aklerh is extremely hopeful she will perform on the greatest stages in the world, particularly in Jamaica with commitment and diligence.

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The aggressive singer has been featured on songs with other staggering artistes like Larusso, Jah Lead and some other performers, and is confident she will be one of the greatest reggae artistes in a matter of moments.

As indicated by Aklerh, she sees herself not doing any genre of music apart from reggae and dancehall. She again added that, she is ‘soaked in’ that genre due to her father, who himself is a reggae fan and media big shot who always played reggae tunes during her growing up days.

Aklerh is currently on a media tour promoting her most recent singles ‘Money’ and ”Run D Town” at the same time. Aklerh is the daughter of Daddy Bosco, a well-known and successful Ghanaian media personality.

She is also a member of Twelve Tribes Of Israel (TTI), thus she is giving her best to ‘create’ the brand Aklerh to the world. On Friday, September 1, Aklerh granted this interview with Doreen Avio on Hitz FM.

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