Akorfa Edjeani’s Strong Desire Is To Be In Hollywood Films

Akorfa Edjeani

Actress and Producer Akorfa Edjeani has been in films for decades, therefore; has obtained lots of experience both in front of cameras and producing. She is one of Ghana’s best actress whom a downpour of people look up to as their mentor. Akorfa has done a great deal of projects in Ghana, Africa and beyond, and is now aspiring to jump on the wheels of Hollywood.

Akofa’s fantasy is to be in the cast of a Hollywood film after ‘taking over’ Africa. The multiple award winning actress says, her most extreme craving isn’t only to be in a Hollywood film, but also to play in an ‘action’ or thriller film in that industry.

Akorfa added that, she has consistently anticipated the potential chance to explore her acting flexibility in that American entertainment world. In a recent interview with Graphic Showbiz during the book launch of “The Lady In Boots”, the ‘I Sing Of A Well’ actress is profoundly hopeful she has the stuff to be in Hollywood.

Akorfa Edjeani Asiedu – The Beautiful ‘Golden’ Actress Of Africa!

“I think I have seen and done all that an actress of my status needs to do and so I want to explore new territories and Hollywood makes the first list. It will be more than a personal achievement for me and a platform to showcase Ghana’s vibrant culture and abundant talents on the global stage,” she stated.

Akofa Edjeani has been in incredible movies such as “Not My Daughter,” “For Better For Worse,” and “Dirty Tears” Jennifer, When the Heart Decides, Harvest at 17, Divine Love and Expectations and numerous other popular films. In 2015 she featured in the British-Ghanaian award-winning movie, “The Cursed Ones”.

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