Akumaa Mama Zimbi Professes Her ‘Love’ For Mr Music Man Kojo Antwi

Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Medaase‘ as she is broadly known has been in the media and entertainment space for over a decade, and has been pertinent to date. Akumaa Mama Zimbi needn’t bother with any introduction.

Her popular ‘skyscraper’ head gear always uncovered her anyplace she shows up, subsequently she needs no additional branding to be recognized.

Akumaa has been on radio and TV for quite a long while, particularly with her Adult program (‘Odo Ahomaso’) being one of the mainstream shows in Ghana.

At the mention of Akumaa, ‘Odo Ahomaso’ – meaning ‘Love Line’ rings a bell, since she has branded herself such a huge amount with that program.

The wearing of her head gear branding that always stops people in their tracks, has taken her to several important events all over the world to address issues of the African woman, culture and so forth.

Obviously, she has confronted a few challenges as the host of an Adult show, but the media character, entertainer and humanitarian didn’t allow that to get to her.

All things being equal, she continued going on without hesitation. The always- smiling award winning radio and TV personality has been invited to events and projects for different topics. As an advocate for women, AMZ has consistently represented women in diverse ways.


As a broadcaster, Akumaa Mama Zimbi can’t manage any of her shows without music. She personally loves music besides the ones she chooses for her show.

Circumstantially, she simply loves the tunes of one gentleman who is also always in a head gear – Mr Music Man Kojo Antwi.


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Speaking on Citi TV’s ‘Upside Down’ Program, the passionate broadcaster and actress said, she can’t do without Kojo Antwi’s music. And has a high regard for the legend.

Kojo Antwi is one of Africa’s unbelievable music whizzes who has won the hearts of numerous individuals particularly Highlife aficionados who are more into his love tunes.

Perhaps, Akumaa likes Kojo Antwi’s tunes because of his pattern of music- – which is equipped towards LOVE (ie. Akumaa’s number one).

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