All Cultural Centres In Ghana To Be Remodelled

Dr Awal with the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture, and the government of Ghana has revealed that, the outfit is prepared to renovate all cultural centres in Ghana.

As indicated by Tourism, Arts and Culture minister Dr Ibrahim Mohammed Awal, renovation works will start at five cultural places in 2022.


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Dr Mohammed Awal spread the word about this at the recent initiation of the Governing Board of the National Commission on Culture (NCC) in Accra.

The redesign will assist Ghanaians with communicating their cultural identity worldwide while generating income– as per the Dr Awal.

“Without these centres we cannot clearly express our cultural identity and our tourism drive in this country would not yield the desired results.” He said.

He entreated the board to come out with a cultural approach by June 2022. He anticipates that the ministry should discover a team that can give them a cultural strategy so that by the middle of the following year 2022, they would be driving an approach that can make Ghana an enormous economy in terms of tourism. The youthful age will also not fail to remember their roots.

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