In December 2020, singer Kimmy dropped an ear-satisfying tune ‘Korkorkor’ (knocking) which stood out as truly newsworthy in Ghanaian and across the globe.

With her stunning vocal aptitude, a considerable number of people have concluded why she is sure of taking off in her music career.

Just so not to disillusion her fans and to fulfill them, Kimmy has by and by released another single ‘All Eyes On Me’, a month and few days after ‘Korkorkor’ release.

‘All Eyes On Me’ is a tune that highlights on why all women must be positive about themselves. Kimmy is astoundingly sure ‘All Eyes On Me’ will assume control over the music wireless transmissions.

The new release was composed and produced by Abochi (another fine artist and music maker) who has similarly made about couple of hits.

Kimmy, who came into the music scene in the no so distant past, is set on achieving her goal as a top artist, especially thinking about the number of stunning female acts in Ghana.

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