All Football Games Including The World Cup Qualifiers May Not Come Off Until 2021

The FIFA Vice President for North and Central America and the Caribbean, Victor Montagliani, has referenced that most worldwide soccer games probably won’t be played until 2021 due to coronavirus pandemic travel limitations.

Montagliani, who has been heading a FIFA working group group formulating plans to manage the ramifications of the world’s greatest game which to a great extent have been shut down since a month ago, says FIFA as of now, has canceled football games between countries that were expected to be played in March and June.

Montagliani, who is additionally the head CONCACAF, asserts that the September, October and November windows for national team matches could be rejected.

According to him, the arrival of fans into pressed arenas could be subject to an antibody for the COVID-19 illness being prepared – and that probably won’t be until 2021.

He further stated:

“If we get the green light to play a football match. I highly doubt that first football match will be with fans. I just can’t see that. I think that would be taken a massive risk,” he said in a video interview from Vancouver, British Columbia“I’m pretty sure it’ll be a phased in approach, just like the rest of society is going to be is then in terms of us trying to get back to normal here.”

Victor Montagliani, FIFA VP

However, a full resumption of soccer in 2020 probably won’t be conceivable in parts of the world hardest hit by the pandemic, including Europe and North America.

The Qualifying format for the World Cup in Qatar would have to be abridged with the time span fixing to play matches to reach at the competition that begins in November 2022.

FIFA would’ve to genuinely take a gander at reformatting a portion of their events due of the pandemic.

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