All You Need To Know About Ex Gratia And The Rejection By A Statesman

Togbe Afede XIV, Agbogbomefia of the Asogli state in Ho

Ex-gratia for Parliamentarians and Ministers in Ghana has over the course of the years, been a subject of conversation among people of Ghana. Some have believed that the payment of this enormous measure of cash given out to these politicians affirms why they don’t have the people of Ghana at heart.

Others have additionally clarified that they merit that remuneration after they have gone in retirement serving the country. Obviously, every worker merits what he is due, however Ghanaian dislike this kind of pay, particularly when the citizens are economically enduring, without better jobs, better schools, terrible roads and infrastructure, poor salaries and so on.

There has been an enormous discussion among numerous Ghanaians concerning this Ex-Gratia. Interestingly, this money is awarded after every four years.

What is Ex-Gratia?

As indicated by an internet based word reference, an ex gratia payment is any cash paid with no commitment to make such payment. Other dictionaries also defines it as a favour; given as a gift.

Therefore, if this meaning is substantial, it implies, an ex gratia could be mistaken for a gift from people of Ghana to article 71 class of public workers. Hence, Ghanaians appears to be peeved over the payment of ex gratia like clockwork, which in effect, is also a contributing factor ‘crippling’ the economy.

As a matter of fact, Ghanaians are of the view that, by stopping the payment such ex gratia to their MPs, over 120 ministers and other article 17 class of public workers will save the country from several challenges. Ghana is paying an incredible GHS 100,000 for each head for near 260 MPs and over 120 Ministers.

Considering this conversation, we dive into the issue of Togbe Afede XIV, Agbogbomefia of the Asogli state in Ho, who returned his ex gratia paid to him by the state. As per the Chief, he sees this as a gratuitous ex-gratia to state coffers.

Ghanaians Pulling A Gruesome Prank On The Police?

An amount of GH¢365.392.57 was paid into Togbe Afede’s bank account as ex gratia for the four years he filled in as a member of the Council of State. Subsequent to affirming the payment, he duly returned it to state coffers because he was uncomfortable with it as he deemed it inappropriate to keep the colossal amount as ex gratia for a part time job he did and for which he received monthly salary.

“It was a great honour for me to have served on the Council of State for four years, 2017 to 2020. Even though I served as chairman of one of the three (3) committees of the Council, the Economy and Special Development Initiatives Committee, and participated fully in the Council’s activities, I do not think my work merited the payment to me of a colossal sum of GHC365.392.57 as Ex Gratia, in addition the salary I enjoyed from what was effectively a part time job,” he recalled telling the Secretary of the Council, and added “I want to add that my rejection of the payment was consistent with my general abhorrence of the payment of huge Ex Gratia and other outrageous benefits to people who have by their own volition offered to serve our poor country.”

Numerous Ghanaians have celebrated Togbe Afede’s motive for returning the ex gratia. Citizens are urging other government officials to imitate what Togbe has done.

They say, this ought to move more spirits who feel they don’t merit this amount. This ought to lead, for instance, parliamentarians who’ve gotten ex gratia five or multiple times, something they should get for just a single retirement.

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