Ama Miley’s New Song ‘Onyame Dada No’ Released

Ama Miley

Playing with music bands for barely 20 years implies Ama Miley has the stuff to take the center stage as a ‘solid’ vocalist. Ama Miley who is additionally an MC of events has gathered such an excess of experience that, her new tune ‘Onyame Dada No‘ obviously affirms how good she is behind the mic.

As the daughter of a mum who was a music director, Ama Miley was hopeful she was obviously going to be an inconceivable singer sometime in the future. Her mother taught her how to be in a band girl, coached her, and made sure she was familiar with every aspect of gospel music.

She spent several years basking in gospel music because she believes that’s what she can do better. With this new tune ‘Onyame Dada No’ which was released weeks ago, Ama Miley desires to grab the eye of music fans especially, the gospel brotherhood.

The song, “Onyame Dada No,” which means “the same old God,” tells the story of why God will never change no matter what. She gave the example of how, even if her mother was dead or on the verge of dying, she would not criticize God in any way.

This is on the grounds that, she feels God will forever remain God in spite of whatever occurs. On the song, Ama Miley portrays her vocal ability solidifying why she is gifted.


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