Amber Rose Reacts To The TV ‘Fight’ With Joseline. This Is Why Social Media Is ‘Bullying’ Her

Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez

After a video of Amber Rose engaging in a physical altercation went viral, the model, rapper, and television personality faced a significant backlash.

The rapper slammed her co-contestant for expressing her desire to be a “White girl.” However, she has slammed trolls who are attempting to criticize her and claim that she is denying her Black heritage.

On the reality television show College Hill-Celebrity Edition, the 39-year-old television star and co-contestant Joseline Hernandez engaged in physical contact following a heated debate about Rose’s race between the two.

In the video, Hernandez told Amber Rose:

“I consider you a Black person, like myself” after which a confessional plays where the latter says, “Joseline stop identifying me, let me identify myself and then let you know what that is.”

The argument got heated when Joseline told Rose that she is not White, but Black.

“My father is white, though,” Rose responded after which Hernandez told her, “Your problem is that you really wanna be a White girl” and added, “You really don’t even wanna be Black.” In her confessional, the latter says, “She don’t know how to behave in Black places, or in White places. She feels like she gotta cater to each of them but I damn sure know that she doesn’t cater to nothing Black.”

Rose then stood up and was about to hit Hernandez when the conversation was cut short and a message from the show’s network, BET, appeared.

It stated that they “do not condone violence of any kind” and would not broadcast the fight out of respect for all parties involved. After that, the scene cut to the two of them alone.

Rose took the decision to address the controversy on her Instagram stories after receiving a lot of online criticism following the airing of the clip.

“Bruh the Internet is remedial as fuck. Y’all know exactly what I was saying as a mixed person about not fitting in anywhere on BOTH SIDES now y’all wanna act like I hate being in black spaces GTFOH!”

“The internet is trying to bully me because I’m BLACK AND WHITE ???? WTF IS WRONG WITH YALL????” she added. She also addresses a resurfaced clip from an old interview where she can be heard saying, “I do not consider myself a Black woman.” In response, Rose said, “I never denounced my blackness. I don’t understand where people are getting that from??? A 5 second clip??? WATCH THE WHOLE INTERVIEW!!!”

In the past, Amber Rose has been with a number of Black musicians, including rapper Kanye West, for two years.

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She dated rapper Wiz Khalifa after breaking up with him, and she married him in July 2013. The same year, their son Sebastian Taylor was born.

In 2014, she filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2016 and gave her and her husband joint custody of their son.

She also had a relationship with rapper 21 Savage from 2017 to 2018 after a relationship with NBA player Terrence Ross in 2016. Slash Electric, her son, was born to her and Alexander Edwards.

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