American Airlines and AT&T Ban Harlan Hill From Using Their Names And Logos From His Website

Harlan Hill

It’s couple of months to elections in the United States of America and as usual, debates are as yet ongoing between parties who think they have the right to win the elections.

During one of the debates, which was hung on Wednesday October 7, the President of the United States Donald Trump’s ally dispatched a revolting attack on Sen. Kamala Harris. Due to that, some enormous organizations are separating themselves from a the Washington D.C., advisor and Trump partner.

As indicated by reports, corporate organizations like American Airlines and AT&T and some others are not content with the choice of words used in the tweet, subsequently avoiding them. Both American Airlines and AT&T distanced themselves from him on Thursday 8th October and requested Harlan Hill quit using their names and logo on his site.

This tweet is what caused the entire uproar:

“Kamala Harris comes off as such an insufferable lying b—-. Sorry, it’s just true”

Actually, Hill, who had been a periodic guest in the past on Fox News, called Harris that obscene name on Twitter.

After that publication, Hill said he has worked for both AT&T and American Airlines. According to him, in his 10 years in consulting, he has worked for these organizations — either legitimately or through consulting accomplices — subsequently will be glad to talk about the points of interest of these missions.

Meanwhile, Hill will never again be permitted to show up on Fox News. Then again, the organizations referenced (AT&T and American airlines) have exposed all that Hill expressed, saying:

“We have found no record of this person working for us, and he certainly never will in the future. We have contacted him and demanded he remove our name and logo from his website,” Jim Greer, a spokesman for AT&T, explained.

Nonetheless, the executive director of the group, Eileen King, has made a statement that, the group hired Hill years back to assist it build a new website but he hasn’t done any work for it since.

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