American Idol: A Fascinating Moment, As Katy Perry Had A Wardrobe Malfunction Halfway The Show

Katy Perry’s dress being fixed behind her

American Idol Judge Katy Perry experienced a near wardrobe malfunction on the show. However stunned as she seemed to be, Perry was left with embarrassment as she forced to keep her top fixed well.

Incredibly, she had a fashion crisis during a new episode of American Idol. Her top unexpectedly broke while she was passing judgment on a contestant. It was really humiliating for her.

Everything happened just before Roman Collins, one of the top 14 hopefuls, was just about to sing ‘It’s A Man’s Man’s World’ by James Brown. Katy’s silver tank top, a creator piece by Kate Barton, appeared to come free at the back.

After the show, Katy Perry shared a video on Instagram showing her team members on the show attempting to fix her top while she remained quiet in her seat at the judging panel. She subtitled the post,

my top broke #idol

In the video, she joked “I need my top to stay on,” she added, “If it’s not fixed, this show is going to get more than it wanted”.

Luke Bryan, one of the judges on American Idol, attempted to help by proposing to cut the top with small scissors. He jokingly said:

“I’m going in!” but then changed his mind after a pause, saying “Never mind.” then a SpongeBob SquarePants meme said in the clip, ‘A few moments later…,’

Sooner or later, Katy was back on camera, embracing herself to hide on the grounds that her top had broken.

“That song, uh, broke my top off!” she added, “I guess it is a woman’s world.”

In an interview After the show, Katy said:

“I wouldn’t call it a malfunction, I’ll just call it an interesting moment on live television,” she further continued saying, “It seems like every season, I’m either tearing the seam of my pants or … I’m just super expressive physically!”

The panelist then added,

“I just love this outfit so much and I knew I was rolling the dice but I was like, who cares?” hence proving that even a wardrobe malfunction couldn’t dampen her spirits.

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