American Workers Took On Side Hustles. Now, They Regret…

American workers are optimistic that work-life balance will improve in 2023. As the end of the year draws near, workers in the United States are looking ahead to 2023 with a cautious optimism and hope. Half of American workers regret working too much this past year. Half of American workers have taken on a side hustle in addition to their full-time jobs.

This is according to Workhuman, which conducted a survey in December asking 1,000 full-time employees in the United States about their hopes and expectations for the coming year.

Workers are focusing less on the chaotic economic situation and more on factors they can control, such as becoming more organized, establishing healthier boundaries in the workplace, and supplementing their income through side hustles, despite persistent fears of an imminent recession and a wave of layoffs in the tech sector.

In a Workhuman survey, employees were asked about their top goals for themselves at work in 2023. Some of the responses included:

Better boundaries at work and better work-life balance are two of the top resolutions made by workers as a direct response to the bad habits they said they fell into in 2022 and now regret.

According to the Workhuman report, one quarter of workers regret not setting stricter work boundaries, and one third of workers regret working too much in the past year.

29% of workers anticipate that employees will be more vocal about their needs in the workplace, and approximately 4% of workers are optimistic that work-life balance will improve in 2023. Additionally, nearly 21% of workers are confident that their relationships with coworkers will improve, while 10% anticipate that these relationships will deteriorate.

Unemployment Is A Recipe For Mental Dazedness!

According to the most recent jobs report released by the Labor Department, there are still approximately 10 million open positions, which means that there are 1.7 open jobs for every person who is looking for work.

Chief economist Julia Pollak of ZipRecruiter states,

“Employers continue to experience acute shortages of qualified candidates, and people are leaving the labor market and not coming back

Workhuman found, however, that many workers are preparing for an uncertain future. Half of those polled said they have taken on a side job or freelance job in addition to their full-time job to supplement their income in anticipation of a possible recession.

Workers are optimistic that the year 2023 will be the one in which they will make significant adjustments to their professional lives that will bring them one step closer to the career of their dreams.

These bright descriptors topped the list when Workhuman asked employees to describe 2023 in one word or phrase: comeback, “new beginnings,” “success,” “comeback” and “work-life balance.”

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