An Interesting Revelation About Rapper Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

He is the pioneer or originator of Hip-Life music in Ghana, although some school of thought have an alternate assessment. Reggie Rockstone is one of the lovable rappers who paved the way for the large numbers of the Ghanaian youth, who are now into music.

Obviously, Reggie Rockstone is seemingly the best rapper the Ghanaian music industry has seen since his entrance into the space, harking back to the 90’s. Reggie actually studied Films in the U.K, yet en route, redirected his passion for music, which is his first love.

From that point forward, Reggie has driven the way for most rappers in Ghana. Truth be told, he brought an interesting style of rap to Ghana when he showed up from the U.K. He has been a mentor to many people in the music space both in Ghana and across the world.

The legendary powerhouse has been of tremendous assistance to numerous artistes in Ghana in diverse ways. Reggie is nice to be with, paying little heed to whoever you’re.

He pushes aside all his fame and impact in the public eye and make time to have a discussion with any individual who approaches him for either a music course or for an ordinary convo.

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Reggie Rockstone has always been the modest and humorous man of his word, who is just close to being a jokester. He cracks the ribs of people with his typical comic side, subsequently makes the people who draw nearer to him expecting to always have a nibble of him through his hilarious side.

As indicated by the Grandpapa, as he is usually called, those hilarious qualities is gotten from his late father, Ricci Osei. Clarifying further, he said his father was extremely funny and made people consistently snicker. As a result, he feels that is where his line is similarly towing.

Besides the above, Reggie Rockstone has always been nice to everybody he meets and has consistently been there for all artistes including rising performers for an advise or any assistance. Reggie Rockstone is also a business visionary who has several other businesses aside music with his better half.

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