Apple Might Have An Artificial Intelligence Not Long From Now

As per Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple might have an artificial intelligence declaration later this year.

“Let me just say that I think there’s a huge opportunity for Apple with Gen AI and AI, without getting into more details and getting out in front of myself,” Cook said.

During an earnings conference call with analysts following Apple’s fiscal first-quarter earnings report, CEO Tim Cook hinted that the company might make an announcement about artificial intelligence later this year.

While Cook’s comments on Thursday February 1 did exclude many details, they demonstrated that Apple needs to contend with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, OpenAI and other tech organizations chipping away at state of the art simulated intelligence models that can create text and images.

“As we look ahead, we will continue to invest in these and other technologies that will shape the future. That includes artificial intelligence where we continue to spend a tremendous amount of time and effort, and we’re excited to share the details of our ongoing work in that space later this year.” Cook said during a call with analysts

Generative AI began drawing significant attention from technology companies and investors starting in 2022, after OpenAI released ChatGPT and image generators rapidly improved.

Apple did not announce an advanced AI model last year, although the company has long invested in similar machine learning technology in its chips and software, which can, for example, identify people or pets inside photographs.

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In 2023, the company announced an autocorrect feature for the iPhone keyboard based on a transformer-based language model, which shares the same underlying technology as GPT. But Apple never used the phrase “artificial intelligence” during the presentation, preferring the more academic term “machine learning.”

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